Tim Gibb guest-hosts cider tasting

Tim Gibb, head of cider at Stable Pizza led the cider tasting during Cider.Space and Exeter Cookery School‘s full-day Cooking with Cider day in January.

Tim Gibb Stable Pizza head of cider

Tim Gibb, Stable Pizza head of cider

Former-chef Tim really knows his stuff. He’s the one who trains the West Country cider and pizza chain’s sommelier-style cidermasters.

From rough to ice smooth (cider!)

Tim brought along a selection for sampling, ranging from a single varietal craft cider to a ice cider. If you’ve never tasted an ice cider (or even heard of it), it’s a real real treat. It’s a style that came from Quebec in the 1990s. Freezing the fruit before it’s pressed keeps the cider sweet, strong and well-balanced without the need to add anything. Very luxurious.

The first Stable cider and pizza restaurant was set up in 2009 in Bridport’s award-winning Bull Hotel. At any one time the chain has around 150 different ciders in its cellars, all hand selected.

Cider-based dishes designed specially for the day

Exeter Cookery School chef Jim Fisher has created three special cider-based recipes for the full-day course at the school on Exeter’s historic quayside. Last time around they included a showy shellfish starter, a delicious slow-cooked pork dish and an amazing syllabub made with caramelised apple, local cider and cider brandy. The ciders we cooked with are made from pure juice blended from locally-sourced apples.

Cider tasting tips

Cider.Space cookery days include learning the differences between farmhouse and factory ciders, cider tasting tips and food-pairing: the art of choosing the right cider to bring out the best in food. Jim’s syllabub and Tim’s ice wine, for example.

If you’ve missed the chance to join in, don’t worry Cider.Space and Exeter Cookery School are planning similar events for later in the year.

‘Moma told me there’d be days like this!’ – Van Morrison

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