Cider: apples, barns, cakes…

Welcome to Cider.Space.  We’re based in the West Country of England but Cider.Space knows no boundaries or borders; it’s wherever cider is grown or enjoyed.

We’re hoping to cover all aspects of cider from orchard to glass. At it’s simplest, cider is  just fermented apple juice but there’s also craft, chemistry and culture in Cider.Space. We take a pretty catholic view on its definition. We include apple juice (or cider as it’s called in North America), cider (or hard cider, as they also call it), cider brandy and variants including cider vinegar. Not just for drinking, either, but as an ingredient in dishes from traditional Devon recipes to inventions of modern Indian cooking. Seriously.

Growing, pressing, drinking, cooking

And while we prefer organic, crafted cider we have room for drinks created on a larger scale, as long as they’re decent. All aspects of cider-making are important to us but  especially support for growing and preserving rare apple varieties and Britain’s beautiful orchards.  We plan to let you know how you can help, including planting your own trees. Of course, we’ll also show you how to turn your apples and your neighbours’ into cider and delicious dishes.

Cider-flavoured events and experiences

We launched in October 2017 during the UK’s Cider Month, when were also be gathering apples and pressing our own cider. We recently launched the first of our events, a full-day course at Exeter Cookery School, and have more planned.

Art, science or olofactory experience, they’re all in Cider.Space and as time goes by you’ll find them on this site. Meantime we’d like to hear from you, especially if you have cider knowledge to share,  a cider-related book or event you’d like the world to know about, apples or equipment you’d like to sell or an orchard you need a hand with. Please contact us using this here form.

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